1. It's Pissing Don?

2. Cat Factory

3. Earth Song With One Sugar 



original release notes

This download EP represents the first official Sanguine Hum release and, as the title suggests, features some “old” Nuns material as re-imagined for the live stage by the “new” band. Both It’s Pissing Don and Earthsong will be familiar to those who own the debut Nuns EP Mild Profundities, but these versions truly encapsulate the exciting dynamics and real time interactions of the four musicians. The remaining piece Cat Factory is an old but classic riff based instrumental that has yet to see the light of day on record, but forms part of the mythical tale of Buttered Cat. (eventually released on both Live in America and Now We Have Light)


Released December 25, 2009

Joff Winks – Guitar and Vocals
Matt Baber – Rhodes and Synths
Brad Waissman – Bass
Paul Mallyon – Drums and Vocals

Recorded live at Jagz, Ascot on Friday 14th August, 2009. 
Live recording engineered by Al Heslop. 
Mixed by Paul Mallyon.