1. Pagans





Pagans is the second release from the ambient electronica project Nunbient, and is a single twenty three minute track in five parts that seemingly picks up from the desolate landscape that formed the sonic territory of the debut album One: Just Another Dark Age. The instrumental focus this time shifts to the warm yet eerie sound of analogue synthesizers that, despite having only been in general usage for the past forty years or so, in this music seem to sound impossibly ancient. Each of the first four "movements" are based around a single synth sequence, which is then treated via various looping techniques and additional material to create a powerful electronic sound-world that both looks back at the Radiophonic Workshop and early synth pioneers Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, whilst being firmly within the territory of contemporary influences such as Aphex Twin and Boards Of Canada. The swirling web of synth melodies are woven together with the use of strange and unsettling bursts of audio verite, which combine to conjure up an epic and highly visual quality that is unashamedly symphonic in its effect, with the final brief fifth movement acting as a coda that brings the work to hymn-like conclusion.


Released December 25, 2009

Written produced and performed by Nunbient at Yellow and Little Benteens 2009