Now We Have Light - Lyrics

Desolation Song

Plain to see, this scene before Watching me walk through the door

And drifting by in good time         He makes the tea, makes neat the grime

It’s basically a tale                         The telling of a story                 Settle down and this will pass the time, and so if you don’t mind   We’ll take you to a room where Don is brewing tea                               And trying hard to see how many more profusions he is able to extract before the light turns black

It’s basically a tale                         The telling of a story           Consider it a way to pass the time, and so if you don’t mind             We’ll take you to a room where Don is brewing tea and trying hard to breathe, and steady the confusion So he is able to relax, before the light...

Drastic Attic

We used to throw things away     No thoughts to spare for their usage on another day.

Then on contriving                             A space not depriving                   Our need for preserving our tat...

A drastic attic...

A head peeping up through the door                                               Eyes looking down onto something never there before.

Don’s head is reeling                 Upon his revealing                             A strange way of dealing with cats...

A Drastacattic, a Drastacattic in a Drastic attic there’s a Drastacattic.

Some things are always meant to be, so be it.

Unaware, he’s taking part in these contradictory occurrences.

Then on retracting the steps off the landing a thought comes upon him for why, some things are always meant to be. So be it.

Unaware, he’s taking part in these contradictory occurrences.

He’s wondering just what the hell this thing is meant to be?

Out Of Mind

You never know just what you’ll find that’s out of sight and out of mind

That calls on me to act upon and realise a way to right these wrongs.

In a million years you’d never guess how the pieces fit and all seem to coalesce

Just sifting through the odds and ends, you hit upon the way to make amends.

Sweet serendipity! A stone cold epiphany bestow on me a much needed certainty. I won’t say “a little undeservedly”.

A simple fact I neglect, speaking now in retrospect, concealing myself in the dust what was I thinking?

Here I come!

Chat Show

The simplest way to describe what is lighting up the night’s sky is rotatory fur! It spins through the air. We buttered their backs, no we have light! No we have power!

We need some suitable air, to lift us out of despair. To vanquish the smoke, and illuminate our daily routines. Don’t you agree? Can’t we agree??

That something is not quite wholesome about this institution. So listen to my lament. Make sense of what I’ve said.

There’s someone in the government who doesn’t want this to become public information.



Dealing with being derided by those who I confided in.

Hoping my claim would prevail. Their wanton abuse was unfurled.

Dealing with bolting from the failure of the outing.

I’m dreaming of butter and fur.

My idea was starting to purr.

The edges begin to blur.

A simple fact I neglect speaking now in retrospect: people here are hard to trust – what was I thinking??

Here they come!!

On The Beach

Coming to holding my head.

A screeching whistle in my ear.

What the hell happened here?

I’m laid out on a shingle bed with pillowed sheet of steam and smoke

Wait a minute! Something’s happening.

The strangest feeling.

Every corner i’ve been turning leaves the sensation of before.

As evolution splits the atom, I’ve been forced outside of the door.

All at once I’m on my feet.

Kicking pebbles down by the shore.

I follow the rail’s laid as track -  a train has past, but now disappeared behind a bare rock wall.

End of the Line

Awoken by the hiss of steam. A pinch denies it’s all a dream . A way to breach and then redeem

There is no fear of the other side No illusions – it’s the final ride, the message is left loud and clear

Every vestige made to disappear Contemplate the ending...

Play the fanfare, hear the sound of brass. Celebration cut with broken glass, the message is left loud and clear

Tear and fracture, smash and commandeer and contemplate the ending

Say goodbye, ascending higher.

All those years and all this time just a prelude to the End of the Line

You’re not the giver, you’re not the hand that feeds. You’re just the terror that’s never to recede. Your message is left loud and clear

All those years and all this time just the prelude too this unhinged and hare-brained scheme, imperfect crime,to get this mission done, the final setting sun

And look around to see...   (second time: and look ahead to see the end of the line)

Forgotten English summer day. The water glistening in the bay with swooping gull and crested tern, parading up above and unconcerned

For movements on the shore, with nothing left to answer for. The figurine moves up the track and past the point of turning back

A way to breach and then redeem. A space where once a factory gleamed


The Gusty Forest

Slowly come around and start creeping through the door

Surreal botanic shade that wasn’t there before

To change right to wrong, with up descending down

Just hits the final nail...

Time flies by like bubbles in the park

Closer to the ground and then higher than the stars

So wrong to ride, just above the house

Has memory gone stale?

Hot on my heels – lordy lord!

No, I can’t see the good of the deed anymore.

Catch hold the mast on a wet and stormy day

When sun shifts to moon I start to lose my way

I seem to be on another beach

And quite beyond the pale

Hot on my heels -  lordy lord!

No, I can’t see the wood for the trees anymore

Cog’s guiding hand leaves a sign in blackened sand.


Settle Down

When you were young
And bedtime was due
You'd grab for your book
To be read to you

Settle down
Simmer down
Were you sitting comfortably? 

Did you believe
It could have been real?
A thought we retrieve
A spin of the wheel

It's saying there's nothing wrong
Solution will carry on
Been wondering all along
Just what's happening to Don

You're falling in time
You're losing your touch
Abandon the climb
It's all been too much

Just settle down
We'll simmer down
'Till we're sitting comfortably

Still saying there's nothing wrong
Expected this all along
Surely there's nothing wrong
With what's happening to Don?