Live in America
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1. The Trial

2. Cat Factory

3. The Ladder

4. Before We Bow Down

5. Earth Song

6. Son of Cheese

7. Nothing Between Us

8. Derision 

9. Double Egg

10. Son of Bassoon

11. Diving Bell

12. Coast of Nebraska 



The band's first trip to America (so far) is documented on this live recording plus bonus DVD. At the time of this performance new band member Andrew Booker had been in the line up for just a few months and this was only his second gig! Add to the pressure the first overseas gig, being recorded and filmed plus a long and complicated set that tried to feature music from all eras of the band's history. Yet, thanks to the band keeping their nerve, the amazing technical crew at Rosfest and a warm reception from the crowd, all went to plan with an assured performance that won many new fans in the process. This album presents highlights of the set including favourites from Diving Bell, Songs For Days, the Nuns EPs and a hint at some of the forthcoming music from Now We Have Light.


Released October 9, 2012

Recorded at the Majestic Theater, Gettysburg on Sunday May 6th 2012. 
Produced, Composed and Mixed by Sanguine Hum
Sound recorded by Mike Potter. 

Front cover photo by Brad Waissman. Design by Meriel Waissman. 
Troopers For Sound logo by Carl Glover for Aleph
Mastered by Tim Turan at Turan Audio, August 30th 2012. 

Special thanks to: our friends and families, everyone who organized Rosfest – especially George, Krista, Donna and Kevin and the rest of the amazing crew. Thanks to Mark and Vicky from Esoteric for suggesting us. Thanks also to Mike and Adele for their work recording the audio and video. 
Extra special thanks to everyone who came to see us.