Disc Two

1. New Streets

2. Share My Blues

3. Nothing Left To Prove

4. Apple Pie

5. Cartoon Friends

6. Bastard Stretch 

7. Double

8. Dressed Up In Rags

9. Quartet

10. To Them Only

11. Here At The Western World

12. Perc Tune

13. Melted Cheese

14. Revisited Song Revisited (Again)

15. Morning Sun (Basic Take)

16. Bookends (Solo Piano Version)

Disc One

1. Bookend

2. Revisited Song

3. Before We Bow Down

4. Cast Adrift

5. Juniper

6. Interlude One

7. Little Machines

8. Milo

9. It Grows In Me Garden

10. Interlude Two

11. Someone Else's Words

12. Hedonic Treadmill

13. Ace Train

14. Revisited Song Revisited

15. Morning Sun





What We Ask is Where We Begin gathers together the recordings made by the proto Sanguine Hum, who were then going under the name of Joff Winks Band. Disc 1 presents the first ever official CD release of the album Songs For Days in an extended master with music that was left off of the 2007 download version. Disc 2 is a real treasure trove of remixed early singles and B Sides, rare unreleased tracks newly completed by the band, plus a selection of outtakes from the Songs For Days sessions. Along with the three Antique Seeking Nuns EPs, this double set offers a fascinating insight into the early days of Sanguine Hum.


Released January 29, 2016

Written, Recorded and Performed By* 

Joff Winks – vocals, guitars, harmonium, percussion, additional keys (disc 2 track 7), sound effects

Matt Baber – acoustic and electric pianos, synths, organ, harmonium, percussion, drums (disc 2 tracks 4 and 9), sound effects

Brad Waissman – bass guitar, double bass, backing vocals

Paul Mallyon – drums, percussion, backing vocals

Songs For Days basic tracks engineered by Richard Haines at Dungeon Studios, Oxford, May 2006

Acoustic piano recorded at the Jacqueline du Pre Music Building, Oxford, June 2006. Engineered by Joff Winks and Paul Mallyon. All other recording engineered by the band at various locations 2002-2007. 

Mastered by Tim Turan, October 8th and 9th 2015. 

Design by Meriel Waissman (Original canvas painted by Joff Winks and Paul Mallyon).

*Except disc 2, track 11 by Walter Becker/Donald Fagen