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1. Curtains Up

2. Indian Box

3. Lowery Click

4. Drone Frost Porous 

5. Fable of Babel 

6. In Tongues 

7. Just Another Dark Age





Nunbient is an ambient/electro-acoustic collaboration between Joff Winks and Matt Baber that naturally evolved out of some of the experimental field recording techniques used in the making of the Antique Seeking Nuns and Joff Winks Band material. Distantly heard playground sounds, slowed down birdsong, filtered traffic noise and other examples of “musique concrete” set the sonic environment for a series of brooding and foreboding compositions that take in influences from artists such as Bass Communion, Boards of Canada, and contempory composers such as Reich and Glass. Utilising both real instruments including vibes, guitars and harmonium, processed, synthetic and ambient textures, Just Another Dark Age evolved in response to the seemingly bleak times in which we live. The album is an audio exploration of the implications inherent in the title, in which the aforementioned field recordings and overall sound design of the music are the primary catalysts for a unique listening experience that can be described as a visually evocative and cinematic journey, swinging between moments of luminous sound and intense aural collages.


Released October 20, 2008

All compositions written, performed and recorded by Matt Baber and Joff Winks