Double Egg
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1. Double Egg with Chips & Beans & a Tea

2. Son of Cheese

3. Son of Bassoon

4. Shatners Bassoon 



And then there were four...

Brad and Paul make their first appearance with the band from a recording session in April 2004. The incredibly creative writing and recording period for Mild Profundities had given rise to far more material than could be contained on a single EP, and so the trilogy of releases known as Triple Burst came into being as a conceptually integrated sequence of three Eps. However, the major change with this release was the expansion of the band into a full-blown quartet that instantly gave the music a raw rock edge and a spontaneity that was also attributable to the fact that all of the tracks were laid down in just a single day in April 2004 in between extensive work with the Joff Winks Band project. Crunchy guitar and Fender Rhodes piano set the scene for the opening title track that describes the recording process of Mild Profundities through the surreal filter of a riverside café meal along with a memorably soaring chorus melody. Gentle Giant loom large as an influence in the introduction, but the whole song has a distinctly ‘Canterbury’ feel to it that continues into Son of Cheese with its irresistible riff and ecstatic coda, as well as a middle eight that would turn into a completely new song on the Joff Winks Band album Songs for Days. Then a sudden left turn plunges the listener into the realms of Debussy and Satie for the calm stillness of Son of Bassoon, a composition for solo piano that’s laced with subtle yet eerie field recordings. Another left turn abruptly swings the music back to the Zappa influenced rhythms of the demanding instrumental Shatner’s Bassoon that ends with an epic guitar solo and a further mysterious message from the disembodied voices from Mild Profundities.


released November 25, 2006

Joff Winks - Guitar and Vocals

Matt Baber - Rhodes, Synths and Piano

Paul Mallyon - Drums

Brad Waissman - Bass

Basic tracks recorded April 20th, 2004 at Dungeon Studios by Richard Haines. 
Overdubs recorded at Yellow Benteens during 2004, engineered by Joff
"Son Of Bassoon" recorded by George Apsion at Kore Studios July 7, 2004
Mixed by Joff
Mastered by Tim Turan at Turan Audio May 2006
Produced by ASN