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Elit Condimentum
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1. No More Than We Deserve

2. The Ladder

3. Dark Ages

4. Coast of Nebraska 

5. The Trial

6. Nothing Between Us

7. Diving Bell

8. There's No Hum


Diving Bell was the first official Sanguine Hum album, recorded in two main sessions in May and November 2008 yet not seeing the light of day until November 2010 (with a physical release following in mid 2011). At that first session the band was technically still called Joff Winks Band, and therefore would have considered these sessions as the start of making a follow up to the Songs For Days album (see 2016's double CD release: Sanguine Hum - What We Ask Is Where We Begin: the Songs For Days Sessions). In those two and a half years between the first session and finishing the album, work was also completed on the final Antique Seeking Nuns EP, Careful! It's Tepid, as well as Joff and Matt's album released as ambient project Nunbient. Perhaps most importantly the band decided to begin again with the new name Sanguine Hum. The music on Diving Bell represents a darker and tougher sound than had been featured on the previous Antique Seeking Nuns and Joff Winks Band releases, and served as a perfect introduction for a whole host of new listeners.


Released November 26, 2010

Joff Winks – vocals, guitars, drum programming and samples (6) 
Matt Baber – Rhodes, synthesizer, percussion (8), mini drum kit (4) 
Paul Mallyon – drums, percussion, mini drum kit (4) 
Brad Waissman – bass

Basic tracks recorded by Richard Haines during May and November 2008 at Dungeon Studios. All other recording engineered by Joff Winks at Yellow Benteens 2009-10. 

Cover design and photography by Carl Glover.

Produced, Written, Arranged and Mixed by Sanguine Hum.