Careful! It's Tepid
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1. Leave Us A Message

2. The Foulness! The Stench!

3. Dead Cheese

4. The Bearded Bag Lady

5. Ointment for Flies 



The final release in the Triple Burst saga and also the farewell CD for Antique Seeking Nuns, Careful! It’s Tepid is perhaps the most cohesive of all of the three EPs, featuring some of the very best examples of the Nuns highly progressive instrumental compositions, framed at the beginning and end by two songs of a lyrically whimsical nature set to some of Baber and Winks’ most harmonically fascinating music yet. This is also the best sounding Nuns EP having been recorded during the same sessions that produced Songs For Days, although a few sonic elements remain from the earliest Mild Profundities sessions. The EP starts in as simple a way as possible – just acoustic guitar and voice – and over the course of 20 minutes unleashes all manner of instrumental combinations: a nostalgic string quartet blends with childlike glockenspiel and chiming guitars in The Foulness! The Stench!, deranged drums and vibraphone manically dance around slide guitar and distorted bass in Dead Cheese, and wobbly synth textures cushion what sounds like a chorus of mandolins as strange film dialogue interrupts the proceedings in Bearded Bag Lady. Careful! It’s Tepid makes a fitting finale for the Triple Burst trilogy and the Nuns project in general.


Released October 1, 2009

Performed by Joff Winks: Vocals, Guitars, historical Skyline
Matt Baber: Rhodes, Synths, tuned percussion, memorial Skyline
Brad Waissman: Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass
Paul Mallyon: Drums, Percussion, Foot Cowbell

Recorded in May 2006 at Dungeon Studios Oxford by Richard Hains. 
All other recording engineered by Joff Winks at Yellow Benteens 2007 to 2009
Bag Lady samples 2001 Winks archive.

Design by Carl Glover.

Mastered by Tim Turan at Turan Audio, 2009.