Thanks to everyone who has bought a physical or download copy, or otherwise streamed and enjoyed Now We Have Power! We’re thrilled with the reaction so far. If you’d like to help the album get noticed by even more people then it would be great if you could spare a few moments to vote for us in the Prog Magazine Readers’ Poll … thanks!

Now We Have Power was listed in John Kelman’s Best of 2018 list at All About Jazz, whilst also making the Top 50 list at Altprogcore.

Plus making it into four of the Prog Magazine Writers Top 20 Best of lists in the current edition which is really nice to see.

For those that may have missed it we made three short documentary films to promote Now We Have Power with each one taking a look at a different session during the making of the album. They are gathered together below.

That’s it for 2018…happy new year from all of us!